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Grundkurs Elektrophysiologie (USA)

Over the last two decades, the field of electrophysiological diagnostics has rapidly developed into a highly specialized sub-specialty of interventional cardiology that is in great demand. Many patients with arrhythmias can be helped very effectively by electrophysiological techniques and quite a few are arrhythmia-free and very effectively protected from arrhythmia-related complications, such as strokes or worsening heart failure. In our basic electrophysiology course, we prepare you for the technically demanding diagnostic procedures and practice the most important steps with you on our VR simulators. Benefit from the wealth of experience of our electrophysiologists and lay the foundation for a solid electrophysiological activity in the EPU laboratory of your clinics together with us.


  • Indication and basics of electrophysiological diagnostics
  • Technical equipment of the EPU laboratory
  • Materials and devices
  • Patient preparation and follow-up
  • Examination techniques and mapping methods
  • Transseptal puncture
  • Special aspects, problems and complication management


  • Exercises on various virtual reality simulators
  • Interactive case discussions

Preis: 499,80 Euro

Our courses take place - unless otherwise described - at the CardioSkills Simulation Centre Frankfurt am Main ( The SIM ) between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm and are CME certified by the State Medical Association of Hesse.

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