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Basic course coronary angiography

Even though today many patients can be examined by means of non-invasive procedures such as cardio-MRI and cardiology CT, conventional coronary angiography is still the gold standard in coronary diagnostics. In our basic course coronary angiography you will get a solid theoretical basis. The exercises on different simulators will enable you to perform a femoral access in seldinger technique and to perform a diagnostic coronary angiography independently at the end of the course. You will also learn about the most important devices and their specific characteristics: Different wires with different characteristics, diagnostic catheters, cock bank and hand injection, mechanical contrast pumps such as the "Acist system", and of course the radiological technique you need for a fully comprehensive presentation of coronary angiography and for laevocardiography. A very practically oriented course that will prepare you in an optimal way for your first steps in the cardiac catheterization laboratory.


  • Basics of coronary angiography
  • Technical equipment of the cardiac cathlab
  • Radiation protection in the cardiac cathlab
  • Materials and drug management
  • Patient preparation and follow-up
  • Coronary angiography workflow
  • Special aspects, challenges and complication management


  • Exercises on the CardioSkills SonesOne simulator and other virtual reality simulators
  • Puncture training on the CardioSkills SmartPuncure simulator

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Our courses take place - unless otherwise described - at the CardioSkills Simulation Centre Frankfurt am Main ( The SIM ) between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm and are CME certified by the State Medical Association of Hesse.

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