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Special Course Complex Coronary Interventions

The degree of complexity of a coronary intervention depends equally on patient-related factors but also on the experience of the investigators. We have put together an exciting course that will give you the confidence to tackle more complex coronary interventions. Today, the frontiers of Interventional Cardiology continue to shift and so does the need for tailored training. As your interventions become more challenging, you also come closer to the topic of complication management. We therefore recommend that you also attend our course "Emergency Management in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory" following this course. You are welcome to do this with your entire cath lab team, because in complex coronary interventions it is important to have a well-functioning team and support when you need it.


  • Possibilities and limits of PCI
  • Data situation
  • Intervention techniques Bifurcation interventions
  • Intervention techniques left main interventions
  • Heavily calcified stenoses
  • "High-risk PCI," CHIP
  • PCI in cardiogenic shock
  • Materials and drug management
  • Special aspects, challenges and complication management


  • Exercises on various virtual reality simulators
  • Interactive case discussions

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Our courses take place - unless otherwise described - at the CardioSkills Simulation Centre Frankfurt am Main (The SIM) between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm and are CME certified by the State Medical Association of Hesse.

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