Our philosophy

CardioSkills® – Simulation for Life.
Innovative trainings – inspiring excellence.

Our courses are designed to make you better still. That's why we do everything we can to keep on improving ourselves. Using the latest technologies and innovative methods, we work with you to pursue successful paths in training and set new standards in training quality.

Like you, the people behind CardioSkills® are hands-on professionals from the medical sector. They are committed to bringing you closer to your professional goals as efficiently and enjoyably as possible.

CardioSkills® is independent of manufacturers, companies or institutions. For us, that fact is just as important as working with a strong, diverse network that delivers inspiring full and part-time trainings for our customers.

Our team

Diversity at work.
One team, many skills.

CardioSkills® trainers and staff are open-minded, curious and always interested in new things. As hands-on professionals, they can partner you on an equal footing. And as you’ll notice from the beginning, they’re a pleasure to work with. Our team comprises roughly 40 highly competent people from a broad range of medical specialties and non-medical professional fields. The fact that we also integrate non-medical aspects is one reason why CardioSkills® medical trainings are not just unique, but uniquely instructive.

Currently, additional employees from the following areas enrich our training programs:

Interventional cardiologists

Interventional angiologists

Interventional radiologists

Endovascular specialists / vascular surgeons


Senior emergency physicians




Medical technicians

Medical students

CardioSkills® equipment.

CardioSkills® Equipment.
Experience the full bandwidth of the latest technologies.

The only time you might hear the word standstill at CardioSkills® is during a cardiac arrhythmia simulation! We haven’t stopped moving since the day we were founded. We’re always curious about the latest technologies, and we strive to make them available to you and your work in all their diversity.

That’s why we use the latest simulators, Technical equipment - they are constantly updated. We have state-of-the-art, medical simulators from the field of endovascular simulation and fullscale patient simulation as well as a fully equipped virtual reality cath lab. Especially for soft skills training, we also offer something that can definitely be described as "spectacular": Our own cockpit simulator in Boeing 737 design.

State-of-the-art technology is a matter of course for us and helps to implement our learning pedagogical concepts with pinpoint accuracy. Concepts that also mean the opposite of standstill. Because the core of our Methodology is to experience technological diversity: We believe it is wrong to limit the use of medical simulators to just one type of simulator. Rather, it is the combination of different and also self-developed simulation technologies that enables representative learning and, together with the CardioSkills®concepts, this approach creates a new quality in simulation training.

Simulation technology is realistic, but it’s not reality. It can never be a substitute for traditional medical training, nor does it aim to be. That said, it has already become a huge and decisive enhancement factor. This is why after more than sixteen years, CardioSkills® has been one of the key contributors to this methodology from the beginning, and now for over 17 years, and is a competent partner of various medical societies.

Our simulation center

Our simulation center in Frankfurt.
Unique atmosphere, great opportunities.


Our state-of-the-art simulation training center is located in the heart of Bornheim, one of Frankfurt am Main’s most vibrant and appealing districts. The location is steeped in history: on the premises where we now hold inspiring courses and advanced trainings, the ‘national drink’ of the state of Hesse – Apple Wine or Äppelwoi – was once pressed. Here, in an environment that is creative and open in equal measure, we have developed a highly specialized medical training center that is unparalleled in Germany and beyond. In this unique atmosphere, learning becomes an experience.

Apart from the specialist advantages of trainings in our simulation center, the convenient locations of Frankfurt and our center (just a short walk from the hotels and restaurants) are attractive in themselves. Come and experience a unique blend of high-tech medicine and traditional urban culture, where learning and inspiring encounters go hand-in-hand.

Simulation center
Alt Bornheim 48–50
60385 Frankfurt / Main (Germany)

Contact number during courses: 069 – 94 59 85 00
069 – 94 59 85 00